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The brief response to this question is: Your ego that is fundamental is told about by your sun-sign, your Moon sign tells about you emotional inner self, as well as your Ascendant tells to the remaining whole world about your presentation. Need to know more? Your Sunshine Sign From these three components, an astrologer can produce a sketch of your personality -- an identifiable line drawing as against a full-colour portrait, but nevertheless, certainly, an image of you. Your style that is fundamental is symbolized by the Sunshine. The Zodiac sign it occupies describes your character's essential qualities.. This signal can also be generally the most easy to find. It is what you imply when you tell someone "I'm an Aries," or "I'm a Capricorn." The Sunshine, by sign and house position, describes the central traits of your ego. To an astrologer, your core character is described by your sun-sign. Many say it is the main sign that's perhaps not totally accurate, although you have. The Ascendant and Moon signs are just as important -- but they can't be accurately determined without time, area, and an exact birthday. (The Sun changes signs approximately monthly. Along with the Ascendant signal changes every 2 hours ... day-after-day after day.) Sun sign outlooks can define what is happening for you on a conscious level and for your self-image, but that is maybe not all you are ... not by a long shot. You can comprehend your Moon signal qualities more easily than your Sun sign, if you are an individual that is sensitive or emotional. These traits are "who you're in" ... a romantic side of your character only you and those close to you actually understand. (And there's another reason why folks are so complex!) Predictions based on your Moon sign show what is happening in your private life, your inner world, with your family situation and living conditions ... and how life's shifting tides could affect your security, foundations, and emotions. Because they target your experiences literally "where you live" you are apt to associate to readings that involve your Moon sign much more straight than those based on your Sun Sign ( alone. Your Ascendant Sign Your Ascendant sign can also be called your "Rising Signal." The two terms are inter Changeable. Yours obviously is dependent upon the precise time as every two hours all day changes long. Only when you were born near sunrise will your Ascendant sign (perhaps!) be exactly the same as your Sunsign ... and it is completely separate of your Moon signal. Yet this third component in your horoscope gives the shift legitimate information regarding how precisely you seem to other folks ... and the manner in which you accept the whole world. Your Ascendant describes your character, the lens through with you see the universe, the style you place "on public presentation." It is the medial side of your character you voluntarily show the world that is external. Changes here clarify why even people born around the same day can have various life experiences, different strengths and interests, and completely different personalities. Outlooks based on your own Ascendant will undoubtedly be accurate and the most descriptive regarding your life situation and immediate future. You are going to link to such information very easily ... which makes your Ascendant sign tips even more crucial than that based on just your Sunsign. The three elements of your character will supply three different perspectives of you as well as your life ... all of them valid.
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